Why Choose ADT Home Security

Tailor-made security system

Unlike all other security systems, which provide you the same security panel as your neighbor, ADT understands that you have different needs and circumstances. They understand if you have pets or even kids at your place and they have an open ear to your problem. You can put the sensors far from the reach of your children, dogs or cats. ADT is  here for you if want all the bells and whistles or even if you want the basics. Our services do not affect the amount you are willing to spend. Having an eye on your dog, child or babysitter to avoid any mishap behind your back is a necessity. With ADT, you won’t require a watchdog or even a watchman. As it is possible that the watchman may fall back for a quick power nap and miss out on the intruder but the ADT security system will work 24/7 without any break regardless of the time and situation.


Security Alerts

As a mobile phone is the staple of our bags, and we carry it almost everywhere, with ADT you will have access to an application on your phone. This application is both android and IOS supportive, which will help you have a glance at your home and children if you are far away or in office. The ADT alarm system will provide you with notifications or alerts on your phone if there is any trespassing at your property. The intruders generally aim for the windows of the house as they know the main doors of the house are secured with cameras. ADT sensor will trigger an alarm as soon as there is a commotion in the house. Once you get an alert on your smartphone, you can do a lot more than just panicking about the situation. The ADT system can call up the cops, ambulance, or fire station on your behalf so that your house has not gone up in smoke before you arrive.


Home Automation

With ADT you can’t only have an eye on your house but you can also have control over it. It has been witnessed that we tend to forget some tasks while leaving home. Turning off the lights or shutting the garage door in a hurry is a common issue faced by most of us these days. But you have a hold of ADT; you can turn the lights off or on and shut or open the garage door while being across seven seas. This function also comes handy if you are out of town and want to make your home look occupied to keep the intruders at bay. A well-lit house will give an impression of a busy house. Along with that you can turn the lights on and off or dim them whenever required. If you leave your house before your kids do, you know that they won’t be careful enough to turn all the lights off. Once they are gone, you can keep a check on the lights while working at the office and turn them off with just the click of a button.

Medical products

Medical Alert System

Just installing the cameras for you to have a look at the situation is not enough as it won’t help anybody. ADT safety bracelets and necklaces come with an emergency button which will give immediate access to the dispatcher. Once the alarm is triggered the responder will get location via GPS and you can send a signal for help with the medical alert bracelet. A trained professional will contact the suitable responder (doctor, fire department or emergency personnel). ADT believes in quick response and 24/7 monitoring to help keep you and family members safe and nobody is left to cry over spilled milk. ADT Medical Alert Systems are also waterproof to be there for you in extreme situations as well. ADT offers a wide range of sensors including Smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide detectors, Flood sensors, Emergency button and more to fulfill your diverse requirements.

Compatible packages

With ADT, they understand that not everybody is born with a silver spoon. ADT understands your needs and are here to make you feel safe and secure without burning a hole in your pocket. As everybody has different needs, They offer three different packages from basic to moderated to premium so that you can choose the package that works best for you. Basic, starting at $27.99/mo; ADT Pulse®, starting at $52.99/mo; or ADT Pulse® + Video, starting at $58.99/mo. If you want to have a look at the front door and the living room itself, they are offering a package that will be best suited for you and then they will also customize it to fit your home. Once the security system is installed at your place, you will experience luxury and safety in a budget. If you have a king-size home and have a constant threat of robbers to get attracted, ADT will provide you a package that will give a sight of every corner of your home and satisfaction at the same time.