ADT Hero Security Camera

Specially Designed ADT Security System

Understanding the different circumstances you go through and identifying your needs, we have determined security solutions built with respect to varying kinds of situations in life, such as home intrusion, burglary, fire outbreaks, environment poisoning, abandoning home for long periods, unwanted energy consumption, and medical emergencies. Also, if you want to keep an eye on the babysitter, ensure the safety of your little one or your pet, ADT is here for every situation and every family member.

Installation of ADT Home Security systems shields you, your family, your valuables, and your home in unexpected scenarios. ADT Home Security also provides applications that send early warnings for smoke and rising heat. We help you observe closely the use of energy at your home, which includes shutting down of devices, you may have left on while leaving your home that could probably inflame it.

ADT security services make you feel truly safe. Along with protection, our security systems feature emergency alert services for the rescue.

ADT Security Alert

Security alerts and notifications

The home security systems of ADT protect your home and keep you informed with mobile alerts. On the successful installation of ADT Home Security System, you will be required to download and register yourself on a mobile application. This application will be supportive of Android as well as iOS and will assist you in keeping a check on your home and everyone present at your home. Once you register successfully, ADT alarm system will send notifications and alerts on your mobile phone in case of intrusions, trespassing, and other emergency situations. Any kind of activity found to be suspicious especially around the windows of your house will be covered in the camera and reported to you via security alerts on your mobile. On receiving a security alert, we will recommend you to stay calm and then take the necessary action. Interestingly, the ADT Home Security system features the option to call the cops, ambulance, fire station, etc., to help control the situation while you arrive.

ADT Home Automation

Home Automation

In modern times, home automation is the absolute future of you and your family. It will please you to know that ADT Home Security Systems let you switch to a smart home conveniently. With ADT security services, you can not only keep an eye on your house but also control it the way you want. Furnishing your home with ADT alarm system, ADT home security cameras, and ADT smart light bulbs, we promise you a futuristic home experience. On days when you may leave the switches turned on, forget to shut the garage door or bolting the window may slip from your mind, having ADT systems by your side will make you smarter and your life easier. If you tend to travel for longer durations, you can use our smart features to keep your home well-lit. This feature will keep intruders at bay. If you’re an enthusiastic working professional who leaves the house before the kids go, you can always check whether everything at your place is fine, the doors are locked, the windows are shut, and the lights are off in just a push of a button. Relaxing, right?

ADT Medical products

Medical Alert System

At ADT Home Security, we understand the importance of the installation of home security systems to ensure the safety of you and your family members. During the times of medical emergencies, ADT security services will not only assist you in viewing every activity taking place at your home but also alert you, especially during the times of medical emergencies. In addition to that, our systems are featured with ADT safety bracelets and safety necklaces. Both the safety devices have been provided with emergency buttons that give instant access to the dispatcher. In case of an emergency, an alarm will be triggered. The responder will be made aware of the location through the GPS. You will then be required to press the button on either of the two devices to send forth a signal for help. This medical alert signal will enable a professional to connect with a suitable responder. In case of a medical emergency, a doctor will be connected. To survive even the extreme situations, ADT home security systems have been incorporated with multiple sensors, such as waterproof built, smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide detectors, flood sensors, and emergency buttons. With 24-hour monitoring facilities, we level up to complete the protection of your family members.

ADT Home Security Packages

Compatible Packages

ADT security systems make certain that you receive the best protection for your family at reasonable costs. Every moment, every hour of the day, we secure the environment at your home without costing you a fortune. Catering to every kind of need, we have devised three packages: basic, moderated, and premium. The basic package starts at $27.99 per month, ADT Pulse® starts at $52.99 per month, and ADT Pulse® along with video starts at $58.99 per month. Considering your needs you can pick the package that is the most suitable for you. Interestingly, ADT Home Security also provides an option of customized packages for the services you want for your home that are worthy of what you will be paying for. After the successful installation of ADT systems, you can happily steer away from the constant fear of burglars intruding within or your home going up in flames due to any mishap.