We all know that the lighting of the house enhances the aesthetic appeal while creating a mood and ambiance of the living space. The lighting is an important aspect of interior design. ADT has come up with a technology that not only enhances the beauty of your space but is also efficient. This intelligent technology is not only energy efficient but will also prove to be a blessing to your pocket. 

Why switch to ADT smart lighting?

Energy efficient 

Let’s agree that in today’s busy schedule we all are always running out of time and there is something or the other slipping away from our minds. Leaving the house in hurry and wondering if you have switched off the AC, gas or lights is the most common tension. Well, do not worry as ADT Smart-Light bulb has got your back as far as the lighting is concerned. You can turn on and off your lights remotely of your house even if you are just outside your home or even miles away. 

Cost effective

We all find ourselves going in a mini shock at the end of the month after looking at the electricity bill and end up scolding the kids for keeping the lights ON when not in use. Worry not, as ADT smart lights have got you covered and now you can do it on the behalf of your kids even while working at office. 


Stepping out for a long vacation and keeping the lights on to keep the burglars at bay? This is too old fashioned as with ADT smart lighting you can remotely control the lighting of your house and make it look occupied even in your absence. You can also set up smart lights to turn on if any fire alarm is triggered. 

Mobile accessibility 

A mobile phone is the staple of your handbag as nobody leaves without it. ADT has a mobile application that can be used on both android and IOS allowing you to control the lighting of your place by simply using your phone. Use this application before entering your home and say good-bye to Nyctophobia. 

Dimmer lights 

Utilizing the lights at dimmer setting at daylight will not only be energy efficient but is also cost-effective. You can even schedule the lights on dim at a particular time on a daily basis by just entering the specifications once. You may forget to do it but your lights won’t. This feature comes very handily whenever you have to throw a surprise for your loved ones and set the mood. 

Easy installation 

Just like any other lighting, the ADT Smart lighting is installed in the standard fixtures enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home but in a smarter way. 

24/7 Assistance 

Along with all these features, ADT centers are available 24/7 if you face any kind of issue with the lighting. They will also notify you and the local emergency services if there is any danger. So if there is a fire at your home in your absence, team ADT can also call up the fire station on your behalf. 

With all these benefits and features it is a win-win situation if you install these lights at your place.