Your garage is also a part of your home, which holds an essential asset to your hard-earned money. Some of the garages also have an opening to the house through a door or even a small window which is enough for the burglars to have a hold of you and your dear ones. It is a very ordinary situation where we tend to turn off the stove, lights, AC, or even shut the garage in a hurry. With ADT, you can not only turn off the lights but also closed the garage with a click of a button on the mobile. Once you have installed the app on your android or IOS, you can have access to your garage even sitting miles across. 

Why opt for ADT Garage Door Security?

Get Notified:

The application once installed, will serve you a lifetime by notifying you if you have accidentally left your garage open. The app is android and IOS supportive. 

Instruct even being miles away:

Got notified that your garage is open? Do not worry; you don’t have to bother your friends or neighbor to close it. You can shut the garage even while sitting in a meeting or sipping the juice on a vacation miles away. The device doesn’t have to do anything with your location, and it will just obey your instructions. 


The ADT Garage Door Security is compatible with almost every major brand of garage openers which is a win-win situation for all. 

Anywhere and anytime:

With the help of ADT Garage Door Security, you can keep a check on your garage door virtually from anywhere and anytime. The device works correctly regardless of the time and location. 


As discussed above, the garage is also a part of your property which can be attacked by the intruders. To make sure that the parking space is also secure along with your home, installing this device is recommended. It can even happen that the robbers try to enter your property through your garage as they might know that there are security cameras installed in the house. But to their surprise, you have a smart garage along with a smart home that will leave the burglars with no other choice to leave your property empty-handed. 


Coming after a long day and just wanting to hit the bed is a real feeling which we all have experienced because of the tiring schedule. We don’t even want to get out of the car just to open the door of the garage and get back in to park the car and then go back to the door to shut it. No, you don’t have to do it anymore because the device in your garage will listen to your instructions given on the phone. Closing the door of your garage is just a click away. 

Therefore, ADT Garage Door Security is the best solution for any mishap that may occur because of any carelessness.