Your garage is an essential part of your home. Beyond an important entrance to your home, your garage is your go-to room for keeping additional things. More crucial than that is your garage door. Along with being well-balanced, a fully functional garage door grants you great convenience. AT ADT Home Security, we created ADT Garage Door Controller to extend the functionality of your garage door by giving you the ease of access.

Excellent Features of ADT Garage Door Controller

One Time Investment, Lifelong Service

The smart garage door controller needs to be installed only once and then it will keep you notified always. This device is supportive of both Android and iOS smartphones. After the installation, you will be required to download the ADT mobile app and then you can control your garage door easily through it. The device will alert you in instances when you accidentally leave it open or unwanted intrusions occur. 

Ease of Remote Control

The ADT Pulse Garage Door Controller will send you notifications even when you are miles away from your home. So, when you forget to shut your garage door and your valuable vehicle is still in, you can lock the garage door remotely. This device will obey your instructions in the tap of a button. Using the ADT mobile app, you can also extend the garage door control range. Interestingly, you can integrate it with Alexa and Alexa will open or close it for you.


The ADT Wifi Garage Door Controller is compatible with most of the garage openers. To be able to use this device, you will not be required to install a specific brand’s garage door. We have made it compatible to make your life more simple.

24 Hour Service and Check

In addition to enhanced functionality, the ADT garage door controller promises you security as well. Not only will this smart device work for 24 hours but it will also let you check your garage door virtually from anywhere and anytime. The smart garage door controller works endlessly regardless of time and location. 

Smart and Secure Garage

At ADT Home Security, we understand that your garage is one of the chief attractions for burglars and intruders. Promising you security, ADT Garage Door Controller keeps both your garage and your home secure. With this device, you can transform your garage into a smart one to keep the burglars and intruders away from your place.

Enhanced Comfort

This is a wifi garage door controller that saves you time and energy in opening the heavy door physically to park your vehicle. After a tiring day at work, this device will welcome you with comfort and convenience. Sitting in your vehicle, you can open the garage door and close it too after parking. 

Why Choose ADT Garage Door Controller?

The distinguishing features of ADT Garage Door Controller make it a fruitful pick for your garage. It is one of our innovative products that provide 24-hour monitoring and notifications in case of emergency. Through the ADT mobile app, you can control this smart home automation device to gain access to your garage door. In addition to your home and garage, ADT Garage Door Controller is about the safety of your life too. It keeps you protected in fires, unwanted intrusions, and other such emergencies. Available at reasonable prices, you can make a smart investment with this product.

Expand the functionality of your garage door with ADT Garage Door Controller!