We all are familiar with having the thought of installing a home security camera at home or the workplace for safety reasons. But why choose any ordinary camera which will only record the files for you. With the help of top-notch technology and experience of over 14 decades, ADT has come up with some mind-blowing features added to their cameras. The following features will help you decide whether or not you should be investing in ADT  Indoor security camera.

ADT Hero Indoor Home Security Camera

Why Should you Buy ADT Indoor Security Camera?

Mobile access

The ease of having accessibility to watch what is happening at your home or workspace by just using the mobile is more than a blessing because let’s accept it most of us never forget taking the phone and guard it with our soul. This mobile can be a lifesaver, as it will send in a notification for any type of odd commotion occurring at your premises.

Keep a track 24/7

We are often caught in the act of troubling our neighbors by asking them to keep a check of our house whenever we are traveling. Even the nicest of the neighbor can not keep a track of your home as they also need to go to work. With the help of ADT indoor security cameras, you can keep a check of your place.

Camera Alerts and notifications

With hoarding our phones with a ton of applications and games, this device also comes with an application that will help you to be on a lookout of your family behind you. Getting a notification every time there is somebody at your door can be very helpful as at times we all have been in a situation where we don’t want to open the gate for someone or be with our family in our absence for safety reasons.

Live View Camera

There is nothing better than having a live view of the events, especially of our personal space. A watchdog or watchman may go to sleep but the device will always be on an alert to take care after you.

Motion Sensor

The infrared the technology used in these cameras will give you a notification as soon as it senses a change in the human temperature or if commotion taking place even in low lights.

High Technology

The 720p the resolution gives you an HD image and video of the occurring events, which can be easily used as evidence against the intruders to put them behind the bar.

Wired and wireless Camera

The camera can be connected to the pulse network wirelessly and can be hard networked according to the preference.

Remote Control

Unlike the basic cameras, the application provided along with it comes very handily while you are away from home. So, work or party till late without worrying about what is happening behind your back. The product gets through the checklist without any doubt, leading you to a bit of a peaceful life. 

ADT Indoor Camera Cost

With so many features in a single product, the price of this ADT security indoor camera has the option of three security packages to choose from. Traditional, Control and video packages have a different price range which makes it accessible to most people.