The increasing level of pollution has led to global warming and is also harmful to living beings. With the increase of carbon dioxide in the air, the respiration has become difficult due to which the increase in death ratio because of respiration has increased highly. As we all are aware that it is not a short process to bring back the oxygen level to normal, the technology is taking over in this segment too. The carbon dioxide is way less harmful than the carbon monoxide which is deadly. The ADT Carbon Monoxide Detector is here to detect the increased level of carbon monoxide within your home and alarm you about the situation. Yes, you read that right as the solution to lock yourself up in the house is not the solution anymore because there is carbon monoxide in there too. With the help of this alarm, you can get to know the level of carbon monoxide in your home itself. 

Why do you need ADT Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm?

The human eye is not capable of seeing the carbon monoxide as it is colorless and even tasteless but is very harmful to breathe in and can be deadly. ADT Carbon Monoxide Detector has the capability to detect CO in your home and alert you about the danger.

How does it work?

ADT wireless carbon monoxide detector placed on the wall be working 24/7 and will trigger the alarm if the level of carbon monoxide is 70 PPM or more. The most common symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning is flue like symptoms and head-aches. A loud alert is used to notify the carbon monoxide buildup to the people around.  The ADT carbon monoxide detector can also connect to the emergency service as per requirements. 

A notification is sent to your mobile once the application is installed. The build-up of carbon monoxide can be very dangerous for the kids especially. Installing this alarm at your home will ensure the safety of your kids. Once you know the cause of the health issue of your dear ones, you can concern the desired specialist. 

Where to Place ADT Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm?

The alarm is advised to be installed at the following places for safety concerns:

  • You must install it on every floor of the building
  • ADT CO detector alarm should be installed within an area of 10 feet of sleeping room
  • You can also install it in any room containing a fuel-burning appliance

Where not to install ADT CO Detector?

While installing the ADT carbon monoxide detector alarm you must keep in mind that it should not be installed under certain circumstances or conditions. 

  • Do not install the alarm outside the building, areas where it may be exposed to water splashes
  • In a humid area
  • In an area where the temperature could drop below -50°F or above 104°F, it could be easily knocked or damaged, or accidentally turned off or removed
  • Where dirt or dust could block the detector
  • Next to a door, window, or air vent. 

To know more you can contact the ADT customer service and get to know the best suitable location for installing the device.

Apart from all the amazing features and benefits of installing ADT carbon monoxide detector at your place, you will also be in touch with the world-famous security service providing enterprise. ADT is acclaimed as the best security service provider that has saved the lives of many of its users with the help of advanced technology and trained staff.