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Home Security System Buying Guide – Choose Best Home Security System for your Home

The technology has gone far and is now ready to take care of you and your family. The home security systems have become a necessity due to the increasing crime rate. Apart from this, because of our busy lives, we can’t set back our careers and dream jobs to take care of the home. 

What can you do for the safety of you and your family?

You must have thought of installing cameras at your home just like your neighbor or friend. This is the most common temporary solution for the safety of your family or yourself when home alone. But do you know that the cameras can only record a video for you after the incident has taken place? Then, there is no use of wasting even a penny on such a device which will give you no option other than crying over spilled milk.

The answer to the above question is, installing the best home security system at your place rather than opting for just a video camera that has no great shakes.

Where can you find the best home security system for your home?

After going to a dozen websites of security systems, we found the five best home security system for you and your dear ones. These home security systems have top-notch technology that will not only record the situation but will also perform some impressive roles on your behalf. Yes, you read that right, the security system will perform like a host for you at much cheaper prices and no technological errors. 

Top best five home security systems ranked:

What should you look for in a home security system?

While opting for a home security system for your home keep in mind to look for the following features:

Smart automation

Smart automation: The smart home automation installed in your home will control the entertainment systems, appliances, lighting, and cameras for the security systems installed.

Security alerts

Security alerts: Phone is as important as oxygen to this generation, nobody leaves their home without their mobile. Keep in mind that your security system is connected to the staple of your life. 

Doorbell camera

Doorbell camera: The doorbell camera will help you keep an eye on whoever stops on your door. It lets you speak remotely to the solicitors, mailman, and welcome helps you welcome the guests

Nanny camera

Nanny camera: If you have a caretaker, nanny, babysitter or a nurse at your home for kids or elder members of the family. This feature has to be there to keep a check on the help.

Spotlight camera

Spotlight camera: The security system of your home should have a spotlight camera.  It will light up the area where motion is detected which will help you catch intruders and stop curious animals to enter.

Panic pendant

Panic pendant: A panic pendant is known as a lifesaver as it provides a shortcut to the emergency services. It is a perfect security device which can be used by people with a disability or elderly people. 

Door, window sensors

Door/window sensors: The sensor will let you know whenever the door opens, keeping intruders at bay and children from accessing off-limit areas.

Glass break sensor: If somebody is planning a theft at your property, he will attempt to enter through a window by breaking it. The glass break sensor will give you an alert if there is a loud noise or the glass is broken. 

Motion sensors

Motion sensors: If you want to keep your kids or animals away from an area, the motion sensor will trigger and send you an alert to let you know access has been made in the area while you are away.

ADT Home Automation

Smart home integration: It will help you combine the smart home devices to the home security system letting you create custom routines for your family and access to voice control. 

Carbon monoxide sensor

Carbon monoxide sensor: this gas is deadly for humans and with the sensor you will get an alert whether you are inside the home or away. 

flood sensor

Flood sensor: Some of us live in flood-prone areas near the sea. Installing this sensor can help you save lives. It does not matter if you do not reside in a flood-prone area, the flood sensor will send you an alert if there is any leakage or water pooling at your home. 

Fire and smoke alarm

Fire and smoke alarm: This is the most commonly asked device at not homes, but also in the malls, offices, banks, cinema halls, and other crowded places. This will send an alert if there is a fire, smoke or excess heat in the building. 

Professional monitoring

Professional monitoring: Last but not least, the one thing which you should look for in a security system is professional monitoring. This will work as a host on your behalf by contacting the professional call center that will connect to emergency services like fire stations, police stations, hospitals and more. 

All the features mentioned above are there in the ADT home security system and they have more to offer. You can visit the official website of the above-mentioned brands or even contact them on the numbers given to know more.

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