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ADT Mobile App Brings to You Tons of Features

With the countless features of the ADT mobile app, the ADT Pulse has become one of the best home security systems in 2020. Whether you’re asleep, awake, or away from home, the ADT Pulse System will always be alert and keep an eye on your home. In fact, with the help of the advantageous ADT mobile app, the system will wake you up with alerts and notifications as soon as it captures a thief. The features of the ADT mobile app have a lot to offer you. Let’s take a closer look at these. 

10 Best Feature of ADT Mobile App

1. ADT App Dashboard

The ADT mobile app allows you to create a dashboard that makes controlling the ADT Pulse equipment easier than ever. Setting up the dashboard will grant you instant access to the most used features. 

2. Supportive of Android and iOS Devices

This mobile app for My ADT Pulse System is supportive of both Android and Apple devices. So, you don’t need to buy a specific kind of phone to utilize the features of the ADT mobile app. 

3. Arm/Disarm Security System

It becomes convenient to arm or disarms My ADT Pulse System with the ADT mobile app. All you have to do is launch this application and access the feature. 

4. Live Streaming

Keep an eye on your home and your family members with the live streaming feature the ADT mobile application. Tap on your smartphone is all you require to ensure that your loved ones and possessions are safe. 

5. Remote-control Your Lights

Believe it or not, with the ADT mobile app, you can control the lights in your home on the go. This feature will benefit you the most in cutting down your energy bills because you will never have to leave your lights on when you’re not using them. 

6. Capture Images

Gather evidence against every intruder who wishes to harm your home with the image-capturing feature of the ADT mobile app. This feature will be highly beneficial for those of you who often stay away from home for days. 

7. Record and Save Video

The mobile application for My ADT Pulse equipment also lets you record as well as save video clips. So, every time a stranger visits your home or a suspicious event takes place inside your property, just record and save the video. 

8. Receive Alerts

Another amazing feature of the ADT mobile app is that it sends you alerts and notifications as soon as the ADT Pulse System senses danger. The moment you receive an alert, you can reach for help quickly. 

9. Ease of Control

From anywhere and everywhere, control the ADT Pulse system remotely because we believe in improving your experience with the home security device. ADT mobile app allows you to do things with the tap of a button. 

10. Great Performance

In terms of performance, the ADT mobile app is an excellent add-on to protect your property. So, keep your fears at bay and rely strongly on the performance of this application at all times. 

Do I Need to Buy My ADT Pulse System for ADT Mobile App?

By now, you would have understood how useful and essential the ADT mobile application is for your home. The safety benefits of this mobile application can be accessed when your home has been furnished with My ADT Pulse System. Together with the ADT Pulse features, the benefits of the ADT mobile app give you better security and 24-hour monitoring. 

Summing it up

Convenience, comfort, and excellence can all be experienced in one go with the ADT mobile app. For those of you who still don’t have the access to this application, get My ADT Pulse System installed today and take the next great step for your family’s security. This is the best buy for reliable real-time assistance. 

For information about ADT Pulse costs and packages, you can reach our team anytime. 

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