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7 Smart Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home

Do you know that a big number of burglaries occur during the day, especially when people are out? Do you also know that someone might be keeping an eye on your home when you are at work? Shocking but true, burglars will be tempted the most when you leave your home alone. Thankfully, ADT Home Security knows 7 smart ways to burglar-proof your home. In these ways, no one can violate your living space, not even the opportunistic thieves. 

Burglar-Proof Your Home in these Best Ways

1. Use Smart Light Bulbs for Long Vacations

Burglars can definitely be attracted to your property while you’re on a vacay. Having smart light bulbs installed in your home will give you remote access to turn them on or off. Interestingly, a well-lit home can be too witty to fool the burglars. 

2. Ensure Your Spare Keys are in Right Hands

Having a spare key for your home is a brilliant idea but not when it gives thieves an easy way to invade and steal your valuables. Try not to keep the spare keys in a spot that is easy to find. Always hide them at an unusual place. 

3. Trust Your Neighbours but Be Watchful

Even when a good neighbor is a blessing, you should always be alert. Avoid sharing your whereabouts with anyone outside your harm. You should especially be watchful of the neighbours who are new. 

4. Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked When Out

Doors and windows must be kept locked when you’re out. But forgetting to lock the doors and all the windows can be quite usual. A home security system can help you do endless things to make your home burglar-proof. You can lock each door and window with just a click on your smartphone however far you are. 

5. Get a Smart Alarm System Installed

Smart alarm systems are the best deterrents of property crimes. So, if your house doesn’t have one, you should get it now. Alarm systems can quickly detect intrusions and ring a loud siren for you to get alert immediately. The ADT Alarm System is the most effective one you can pick.

6. Install the Best Indoor Security Camera

An indoor security camera has an eye that is hard to escape. To talk of the most advanced one, ADT Home Security has been recognized for building the best indoor security camera. It has been packed with features that can take the security of your home to the next level. 

7. Double up Security with Doorbell Camera

Seal the entrance of your home with an effective doorbell camera. With every knock on your main door, you can scrutinize each visitor. And if you want to focus on every detail, the ADT Security Doorbell Camera will assist you the best.

Rounding Up

ADT Home Security believes in shielding every home to deter property crimes. The ADT Alarm System, ADT Security Doorbell Camera, and ADT Indoor Security Camera are not only the most effective in reducing property crimes but also the best home security systems in Las Vegas, Indianapolis, San Diego, Atlanta, Seattle, Miami, and many other cities. We hope you make a smart choice to burglar-proof your home. 

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